Full Moon for Mike

oh Mike Mike!let’s all drop our drawers and moon them again.moon them right outof their meannessa mooning revolution.I can hear

The Veil

Old school musicburnt orangepeople at the table across from meordered spaghetti.The waiter jerked, stumbled,and it fell to the floor. She


Skating through the city alone Or a-gangPushing on my board is my own paradeTo take a rest, sparkit to ease

My Herstory

Your history Is not my her story I did not tell you to Rape and pillage the landSuffer the children

Let it be

In the changing skiesof circumstancelet us beas flocks of birdsguiding each otherby touching wings.

Eating A Mango

I am eating a mango with many paper towels, getting the sweet sticky stuff all over me. I am a child, eating a mudpie of the sun and not interested in all the things I’ll understand when I grow up.