Who is still here with me and where has everyone else gone where is my anchor when all my security

Worth a Thousand Words

A riveting black & white photo: a homeless man & his dog asleep under freeway overpass. The dog’s head rests on the man’s hand, a guardian in

A Revolutionary Mind

So I’m hearing you won.  Slowly dancing to Blackstones  Beat  Thus selling our streets  to the point where  your even

Three Haikus by Needa Bee

Politricksters  Babylon leadersRule with lies, harm those with lessGet paid for their crimes Homefull Houseless on the streets.But with love

The Harp of Hope

When we are numbed,shocked clear through by tragedies inour home of homes, may somehow we finda way to keep pluckingthe harp strings


Coffins are not carpetedThere not for standingLinoleum is uselessAs the imagined dreams,some believe they’ll be havingThe padding is for comfortto

Winter Moon

The moon flowersinto full bloom.We cradle our handsfor mystical light.We have waited yearsfor such a night.Soundlesslysplendor slipsinto cupped handslike a