Oakland rises up

Oakland rises up

I went out to document the protests to capture what had happened in the initial days after George Floyd was murdered. I wanted to To allow the story to present itself and to document history.

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COVID runs rampant in U.S. prisons

Right side of history

When future generations look back on the devastation caused by this coronavirus pandemic, they are likely going to say that what happened to incarcerated populations in America’s prisons is tantamount to crimes against humanity.

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Street Spirits

Ken Jones: Cat owner, Street Spirit vendor, Berkeley staple

Ken Jones stands on the corner of Addison and Shattuck, waiting for people to exit a concert at the Freight and Salvage, or a play at the Berkeley Rep. In the cool evening light, he catches the eye of patrons spilling out of the theaters, flashing a broad smile at each person who looks up as he broadcasts his patter over the crowd.
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