Winter Moon

The moon flowersinto full bloom.We cradle our handsfor mystical light.We have waited yearsfor such a night.Soundlesslysplendor slipsinto cupped handslike a


love remains all after all we go throughtogetheror within our own storyas heaven’s curtain risesjust enoughto offera glimpse of glory.

What the UC doesn’t want you to know about People’s Park

People’s Park is a landmark. The university doesn’t like to mention it, but it became a city landmark in 1984 “for its historic and cultural importance to the City of Berkeley.” The landmark designation is not necessarily protective, but it’s worth noting in a community being trained to ignore its own significant moments in history.

The homeless Christmas day

It looks as though we’re closing in on Christmas again, folks. That’s bad news in my book, and (I daresay) in the corporal book of homeless people everywhere. Take my holiday experience several years ago, for example. I spent Christmas Day stuck out in the rain, with services closed for those of my ilk, not to mention the usual five-in-the-morning “indoor resources” being closed (Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc.).