Landmark report seeks to redefine poverty

“We define poverty as a dollar amount, but if you make a dollar above that dollar amount are you still poor?” This was just one of the questions raised at St. Mary’s Center on April 18, when academics, activists, and advocates gathered to hear the findings of a new report called “Pushed to the Bottom.”

Changes suggested to Oakland’s encampment strategy

Sanctioning self-governed encampments. Providing storage options for unsheltered residents. Prohibiting evictions during extreme weather. These are just some of the changes that Oakland City Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas is suggesting to the City of Oakland’s Encampment Management Policy.

Youth-led Tiny House Village makes strides

On Thursday, May 16, at the First Congregational Church of Oakland, the youth leaders of Youth Spirit Artworks unveiled what they believe is a solution to the East Bay’s affordability crisis: a 70 square foot Tiny House, featuring a skylight, several windows, two doors, solar-energy heated floors, and two brightly-painted murals along each length of its exterior.

The significant link between eviction and suicide

When Kimberley Repp saw how high the suicide rates were in Washington County, Oregon, she vowed to do something about it. Repp is the supervisor of the county’s public health program and the county’s epidemiologist, which makes her responsible for tracking and responding to diseases that affect public health, such as annual flu outbreaks. She never imagined that investigating suicide would become a key part of her work.

Encampments sue the City of Oakland

On March 6, the City of Oakland backed down from evicting the residents of a homeless encampment on a plot of land at the corner of E12th Street and 22nd Avenue in East Oakland. This happened after one resident filed a lawsuit on behalf of himself and the six other residents.

Berkeley says: ‘No parking’

Anti-homeless parking ban in Berkeley sparks outrage An RV in Berkeley with a bumper sticker that reads “home is where

South Berkeley’s Here There encampment celebrates two years

As the sun set on Friday, February 22, the residents of South Berkeley’s Here/There encampment had much to celebrate. They were commemorating the two-year anniversary of their encampment. On July 6, 2017, camp was founded by First They Came For The Homeless, a homeless-led political organizing group.

Oakland community center raided by police

On January 9, Qilombo members were locked out of the community social center they’ve maintained for over four years. The space—which members have patronized without a lease since 2016— offered neighborhood residents a reading library, educational programs, computer access, meals, a garden next door, and more. It hosted music and arts gatherings as well as countless politically radical events on behalf of those effected by police violence, prisoners, and other marginalized peoples from across the country and around the world.