Berkeley RV ban poised to begin

On February 11, Berkeley City Council approved safe overnight parking for a total of 25 RVs in six scattered city-owned sites. While safe parking will provide a brief respite for a small number of unhoused Berkeley residents, these spots will be the catalyst of an otherwise total eviction of RV dwellers from the City of Berkeley.

Oakland opens safe parking RV site as vehicle evictions roll on

Jorge Peña walked his tiny dog, Chiquita, around the inside perimeter of 711 71st Avenue in Oakland, behind the RVs parked neatly facing each other, stopping to say hello to his neighbor sitting in the shade. He is one of the first residents of Oakland’s new, invite-only “safe RV lot” next to Coliseum BART, and he calls it a “godsend.”

Unity grows in East Bay activism

I have seen something quite remarkable start to develop over the last few months. In the face of increased pressure on working people to find decent housing, some of the most hard-pressed people in the Bay Area have not only been standing their ground against threats of eviction—they are also traveling across neighborhoods to support comrades in other struggles doing the same.