Next Step in Santa Cruz: Task Force on Homelessness

Several wondered why service providers and members of the homeless community were not included in the preparation of the report. The Task Force must include the faith community, neighborhood groups, local businesses, advocates for the homeless and, most importantly, members of our local homeless community.

Remembering Dave Linn: An Attorney for the People

It is hard to defend high-profile People’s Park defendants in a contemporary legal world. It is hard to be the one man in Birkenstocks surrounded by Italian suits. But Dave Linn took the cases most people would assess as unwinnable, and gave them his full attention.

The Debate Over Tiny Homes: Ask Those Who Have No Home

Living on the streets is dangerous and debilitating. People’s meager belongings can be stolen; they can be assaulted. If we listen to people who are currently housed but have experienced periods of homelessness, it is clear that the effects, physical and psychological, have never left them.

Living Under a Tarp Next to the Facebook Campus

A homeless campsite across the road from the Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley is one of about 10 camps that dot the boggy terrain. They are a striking sight near the brightly painted buildings housing the multi-billion-dollar corporation. The contrast epitomizes the Bay Area wealth gap.

Trump Administration’s Ruinous Cuts to HUD

Before he became HUD Secretary, Ben Carson did not have any experience in housing policies or in running a housing agency. His bizarre appointment to HUD has resulted in nothing short of bewilderment and frustration for housing advocates. Carson supports Trump’s proposed $6.2 billion in budget cuts for HUD.

Youth Design a Tiny House Village in Berkeley

“I’m so thrilled about the opportunity our church will have to build a tiny house. It’s such a do-able project for a local church; a deeply satisfying way to put some sweat equity behind our longing for economic justice; a poignant means of demonstrating our care for the most vulnerable neighbors.”

Houseless Activists in Santa Cruz Issue Call to Conscience

“While the federal government continues to eradicate the social safety net, the cost of housing in Santa Cruz continues to rise, creating an unstable situation locally, and leaving many of our poorest residents without homes. Local action to reduce the cost of housing and provide homes for all is long overdue.”

Gentrification Is a Virus

On the top half, I depicted gentrification as a three-eyed dollar-sign demon injecting oppression into a young boy, resting on bars of money and bags of gold. Behind the demon, mother nature comes out of the sun, wielding a sword, and about to intervene to kill gentrification.