These pieces were composed in the writer’s group at YSA’s Tiny House Empowerment Village. This writing group arose out of the belief that everyone has a story to tell, and that telling our stories together furthers a sense of community. Since June, facilitated by Zoe Mosko, the writing group has been meeting at the Village twice a month. Participants sit around and talk, enjoy snacks, write on suggested writing prompts, or free write and share what they’ve written.


I can’t be stuck
In this moment; feeling I must b easily fatigued I’m not easily satisfied
I need money-making schemes
not only to eat, but to set goals
I invest in friends, not in hoes that sold they souls I don’t believe in mental illness
I believe in Spiritual realness – stillness
Out of body mind experience
Mine your businesses
Keep at heart, gold, soul your wishes
end of thread—no stitches—
Blisses ignorant to feelings
blessings come so confidently
Arrogant elegance—beautiful seedings Oxymorons and counter projections
I have no expectations
Promise to have a purpose
Beyond dreams – this not an after thought
I’m not entitled, untitled


Night Like This

Sweet summer nights, the stars twinkle
shining down to filling skin full of praise.
Nothing feels the same, since we are meant to change. Laughter is what keeps me sane.
Our time goes by, the least I can do is try.
Sweet summer nights, our worlds collide.
Through the roses to the bees.
We work together, things will get better.
The sun shines on our skin sweet summer bliss.