A four panel cartoon of a guitarist doing a call and response with the crowd. He starts by saying "let me hear ya' say 'YEH!'," and the crowd responds "YEH!" Then he says, "let me hear ya' say 'WOA!'," and the crowd responds "WOA!" Then he says "let me hear ya' say 'George Bush is a fascist weenie who's policies in central America are a disgrace to the American public in general and the entire human race in particular woo woo!'" In the last panel, he says "I believe a rock star has an obligation to both entertain and enlighten his audience!!"

Twisted Image is a comic strip by Ace Backwords that focuses on a wide variety of topics, including sex, politics, and homelessness. Though it is no longer in circulation, we re-publish the comic each month because its subjects are often related to the stories we cover.

Ace started writing Twisted Image in 1985, and did it full-time for about 10 years until 1995 (“when I ran out of punch-lines,” he says). Ace describes his comics as an unholy combination of Peanuts, MAD magazine, and R. Crumb. He guesses that he averaged about 10 strips a month for 10 years, totaling about 1,200 strips in total. The whole pile of them are sitting in a box in his storage locker somewhere.

Of writing Twisted Image, Ace recalls: 

“I used to sit down at my drawing board in my kitchen late at night with this sense of glee. Like a pilot strapped into the cockpit, about to take off to god-knows-where.”

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing on his blogs.