A cartoon with four panels. In each there are two men in hard rocker outfits. One man has a half shaved head, big square glasses, and is wearing a blazer. The other looks like a rock star: he has a big scraggly head of black hair with a headband wrapped around the top of his head, and is wearing a skull tank top and lace up boots.  In the first column, the first man says: "Dikki Putz, what separates your fabulously successful band from all the other aspiring hard rock bands?  In the second, the second man smokes a cigarette and says: "Well, Dave... the secret is to NOT get caught in a RUT—to continually expand the scope of your musical horizons...AND to push your creative imagination to its zenith!!"  In the third panel, the second man speaks again: "For example, our first record rocked REALLY hard...and then our second record rocked even HARDER...and now I feel our latest record rocks the HARDEST!!"  In the fourth panel the first man says: "So the secret is that you continue to evolve as an artist?" and the second man replies "EXACTLY...and it also helps if you have a really cool hair-do..."

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing on his blogs.