City officials are discussing opening Oakland’s first sanctioned encampment for the residents being displaced from the marina.

Under pressure from neighboring marina residents, a state commission called the BCDC ordered the City of Oakland to evict homeless encampment residents from Union Point Park, many of whom have lived there for seven years or more. Since October, the city of Oakland has been under orders to evict the encampment, or face a potential $6,000 daily fine starting February 12. This is the story of the fight over Union Point Park.

Thomas Brouns and David Rodriguez

For additional background about the battle over Union Point Park, read our story here.

David Rodriguez is the Associate Producer of this video. Sam Grant is supervising producer.

Thomas Brouns is a documentary filmmaker and student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. He has served four overseas tours as an American diplomat and is a retired U.S. Army officer.