A digital image of a woman handing a bundle of food to an unsheltered man.
Inti Gonzalez/Youth Spirit Artworks

Living outside is never easy, but the rain and cold create additional burdens for unhoused people. The following is a list of items to keep on hand to help meet the immediate needs of unsheltered people during the winter months (and, for the most part, any time of year). These are all items that can be dropped off at an encampment, or handed to an individual in need.

If you do enter an encampment or hand out resources to your neighbors on the street, please be mindful of COVID guidelines. Wear a mask, keep your distance, and make sure any supplies you are donating are clean. More guidelines on how to help unsheltered people during the pandemic can be found here.

In your backpack/handbag: 



Long underwear and thermal shirts 


Antibacterial for first aid 

Duct tape 


Bottled water 

Garbage bags 

Loaded Clipper cards or gift cards to places like Target, Home Depot, Shell, Chevron, Walmart, & McDonald’s 

In your garage: 


Rain gear 

Sleeping bags 


Clorox wipes 

Push brooms 

Dog Food 

Bike locks 


Portable chargers 

Garbage cans 

Storage containers 

Fire extinguishers 

Foam mattress toppers 

Butane cans for camping stoves 

Cots or reclining lawn chairs