“We all do basically the same [work] but the way the different papers go about it is completely different. The sheer experience [at the summit] was amazing, and the willingness to share ideas to help each other—because we’re not competing, we’re in this together and that’s really important.”

—Matt Stedmann, State Operations Manager for South Australia and Northern Territory for The Big Issue Australia.

“Our strategy is to balance human interest and social justice stories. Fun and serious. This duality is important because nobody ever feels just one way. Human beings are complicated but our stories aim to simply capture the triumphs and the difficulties surrounding homelessness.” 

—Nathan Poppe, Editor of The Curbside Chronicle

“The biggest challenge homeless people are facing in Serbia is that they are almost completely legally invisible. You cannot find the word “homeless” in any of our laws…The state is not doing anything to help vulnerable groups. Fortunately, the civil sector is strong and small groups are doing amazing job and we will never give up in fight for better and equal world.”

—Nikoleta Kosovac, co-founder of Liceulice