The hate you have in your heart is darker than my skin.
Since you don’t like my darkness anyway you need to know.
The power it hold is like a beacon to yours.
Your mad, you said
“I can’t see” because the light in my heart is bright like a thousand suns.
“You can’t see me because my potential is blinding”
and sharp like hot knife through butter my words cut your soul.
Dice and mince like fresh onions
“I am not done” as the tears roll down my cheeks.
“Yet, my full course meal isn’t ready”
My ambition is like fine dining
Only the best of the best
“You say sometimes the best isn’t good enough”
“But I’ve tried my hardest”
I say “but I know it is not good enough for you,”
As I proceed to look elsewhere for my ingredients.
Because I’ve known for a long time you can’t
Complete my meal.
Because you are not five stars.
Talking like I’m three stars and you’re a one.