So I’m hearing you won. 
Slowly dancing to Blackstones 
Thus selling our streets 
to the point where 
your even evicting our weak 
Take a turn to the left 
Then a right, drop a knee and bow 
To the puppet democracy.. 
That control 
your twisted Capitalistic 
social, ideology 
I’m more then just a fuckin 
Son of a wetback, 
Rebellious spik 
In your midst 
Now it’s time to hear me speak 
En el lenguaje de mi opresor 
Double time, if you cop what I mean 
Contradicciones mesclado 
Con las pinche maldición 
De estos vende patria 
Cómo mis antepasados 
Después de que Villa 
Fue contra el fuego 
Remanicent of Malcom 
Goin against da metal 
Hittin da topic like Martin 
Talkin about true logic 
Cemente it 
into reality 
humans rights 
Seems to be the 
Motive tonight 
But yet again 
This land is sold, so pick up 
Your shit and go 
Loitering is illegal 
Thot you should know 
So en otras palabras 
Why the fuck would 
Obstruct Trump 
To only implement the same 
While your business patnas 
Is tellin my Oakland natives 
Que si no 
tienes a la lana, 
que se 
Vayan mucho a la chingada 
So allow me to 
Low rent that supersedes the 
Need of a living wage 
Is nothin but a political 
Like stay in your fuckin lane 
Get on and Move, find another place 
This land belongs to the 
Highest bidder 
Like Joe Davries 
Old occupy days 
Picket signs 
An remindin, ill advise 
re-elected Officials 
I’m here to stay 
So come an take me away 
who’s streets!!?? 
Who’s who’s streets!!?? 
Por qué un pueblo unido 
Jamás será vencido 
Run that.