Historic State Fair Exhibit Recognizes Farmworkers

“We wouldn’t be here without the work of farmworkers,” said State Senator Ben Hueso. “The legislature now includes members who worked in the fields themselves, or have family who did, who know what it’s like to work in 100 degree heat, to suffer the hardest conditions and work the longest hours.”

The Young Poets of Youth Spirit Artworks

"I remember living on earth. I hated it. People didn't care about each other. It was hard living there. To tell the truth it wasn't really living — it was surviving. People only thought about greed and what they did not have. I'm glad I moved to Mars. I just wish I wasn't all alone."

Psychiatric Cruelty in the Modern Era

Before the first medications were developed, lobotomies were used on the most difficult cases, and electroshock was often used as well. Even with modern treatments and knowledge in the field of psychiatry, senseless cruelty continues to be perpetrated upon persons who suffer from mental health problems.

Chemical Mind Control in the Society of the Future

“This is supposed to be a hospital, not Gitmo,” said the nurse. “You’re using extreme methods, and it’s clear you’re trying to destroy him. You’re a thug. Let him go home or I’ll report you.” The psychiatrist said, “I’ll let what’s left of him go home. And, by the way, you’re fired.”

Tenants Alarmed at Mistreatment by Redwood Gardens

Redwood Gardens has received many complaints from residents about hazardous conditions, barriers for disabled residents and a deterioration in the quality of living conditions. As Miriam Berg said, “Once again we ask that HUD intervene and either remove CSI from managing this place or bring them to heel!”

Are Coffee Shops the New Homeless Drop-In Centers?

In areas of cities with a large homeless population, employees not only put “Out of Order” signs on their restroom doors, they remove the chairs and tables, forcing customers to stand to drink their coffee, hoping to deter the poor from coming in to bathe and sleep.

Post-Traumatic Stress After 1,460 Days in a Tent

How does it feel to be free from homelessness? It’s like a soldier coming home from war and being forced to cope with a life that has changed forever. Like veterans, homeless people suffer from post-traumatic stress. In both cases, help is hard to find — and people die in both cases.

Fighting for the Sanctuary Workplace

The Trump administration has put the idea of sanctuaries on steroids — spaces free from the threat of raids and deportations. As immigrant workers and unions look for creative ways to counter anti-immigrant onslaughts, they’re adopting the sanctuary framework to deal with the dangers faced on the job.

Surprised by Love on the Streets of Purgatory

He didn’t have a lot of sympathy to go around, but the dog’s pathetic state moved him, and he shared his half-eaten sandwich. When the dog had finished eating, she sat next to him and shyly licked his hand. At the crossroads of despair, a homeless man unexpectedly found love.

A New Way of Seeing

Homelessness is about discovering that your lifelong friends and family, the very people you thought were truly supportive, are suddenly very leery of you.