A Journey of Peace in Korea and Vietnam

People on Jeju Island have been resisting the construction of the U.S. military base. For the past four years, they have been nonviolently blocking bulldozers and cement trucks coming onto the base. Every day there is a Catholic Mass in which priests and nuns block the main entrance to the base.

A Republican’s Sojourn on the Street

Neel Kashkari spent seven days sleeping on park benches but managed to not disturb any of his free market, anti-regulation Republican principles. If he’d stuck with it a little longer, he would have learned that the tattered safety net for which he has such disdain needs more, rather than less, funding.

Gimme Shelter!

The 2013 Homeless Census and Survey reported that about 3,500 men, women and children are unsheltered in Santa Cruz County every night. That number is acknowledged by the census takers themselves to be underestimated by as much as 50 percent! Fewer than 700 shelter beds are available in the entire county.

Predatory Psychotherapists from Outer Space

The psychoanalyst had an agenda. Jonathan had been found to be too intelligent. Janice Williams, the therapist, had been told to use an intelligence reducing unit during the session. Janice’s commander, who went by a number and not a name — Alpha Centauri aliens didn’t use names — had ordered John’s intelligence reduced.

The Street Spirit Interview with David Hartsough, Part II

Governments have the power to throw us in jail and shoot at us and intimidate us, but they don’t have the power to kill our spirits. They certainly didn’t kill Brian’s spirit. Nuremberg Actions show what people can do to stop our government from fighting wars and causing misery around the world.

A Quaker’s Ceaseless Quest for a World Without War

After a lifetime of civil rights sit-ins, blockades at nuclear plants, and acts of anti-war resistance, David Hartsough remains a utopian believer in peace and justice. His latest campaign is perhaps the most quixotic of all. It dreams the impossible dream of a world that has abolished war.