A concert in Snow Park celebrates Oasis Clinic’s work to eradicate Hepatitis C.Hepatitis C Awareness Week in Oakland

Hepatitis C Awareness Week in Oakland — Saturday March 8 to Saturday, March 15

OASIS Clinic and its allies are holding Hepatitis C Awareness Week in Oakland, from Saturday, March 8 through Saturday, March 15.
OASIS is an Oakland-based, nonprofit clinic dedicated to eradicating Hepatitis C through education, testing, and medical treatment. Hepatitis C has been a “silent killer” for decades, affecting millions of people, including many unaware that they have this potentially life threatening disease. This year Hepatitis C Awareness Week is more important than ever, because new medications have been approved. There are new treatments that are saving lives. Hepatitis C is now curable.
The OASIS clinic, Oakland City Council, service providers and community stakeholders will join forces to raise awareness through public education, Hepatitis C testing, and a Hepatitis C Awareness Walk around Lake Merritt. Together we can make Oakland “Hep-C Free!!” Visit us on facebook at “Hep C Free Oakland” or by email at hepcfreeoakland@gmail.com.