by Doug Minkler

Specializing in yoga, hiking, meditation
and coerced chemical lobotomies
(psychotropic drug regimens)
Our compassionate medical doctors
will grant you a label
and, in so doing, deem you disabled
Your pills won’t cost a cent
and we will help with your rent
Unfortunately you will get a little burly
and die 25 years early
Sorry, no more dreams
too bad about your self esteem.
Take the whites, the blues and the reds
they are all required meds.
Adherence means a check
what the heck
you get off the street
and something to eat.
It’s a package deal —
you get the pills
taxpayers get the bills and
the drug companies make two killings.
Health Warning: Psychiatric medications damage brains, wreck bodies and are addictive. Drug companies make exorbitant profits, but take no responsibility for the diabetes, massive weight gain, sugar-induced comas, sexual dysfunction, uncontrollable facial tics, personality loss, depression, heart attacks, strokes and suicide that their drugs cause. If you lose your prescription, you can go to any pharmacy, hospital or mental health center.  You will receive assistance immediately. If you want to stop taking these drugs because they are not helping you or the side effects are too debilitating, be aware that sudden withdrawal can cause dangerous side effects, including death. You must have the close supervision of a caring, competent physician as you slowly withdraw from them. Good luck finding one.

Drug companies market their super-profitable, addictive and dangerous psych-meds to children. One of the most heinous crimes of the 21st Century will be the massive over-medication of children. Physicians’ willingness to uncritically follow pharmaceutical companies’ profit-driven recommendations to prescribe dangerous drugs to children will one day be recognized as criminal negligence.