The Long March to a New Dream of Justice

When we remember the March on Washington, the memory of those brave men and women call to us to muster the courage necessary to continue the struggle for jobs and freedom. Their memory calls us to correct the course of ruinous excesses of the U.S. government and her corporate bosses.

Volunteers Make an Urban Farm Flourish in Albany's Gill Tract

This is land that should be tilled and fertilized and made productive, not paved over. It is land that should be used to fulfill the promise made by Miguel Altieri to engage people in urban gardening. It is land that should be planted with crops to feed hungry people, not greedy corporations.

Rev. Phil Lawson: Building the Beloved Community

Rev. Lawson has worked his entire life to ensure that there will be room enough in the beloved community so no one will be left outside to suffer and die in poverty on the streets, no one will be locked out by border walls, and no one will be denied entrance because of racial intolerance or homophobia.

Fallout from Sequestration: Massive Budget Cuts Jeopardize Public Housing

At a time of rising poverty, the huge federal budget cuts known as sequestration will eliminate many units of low-income housing desperately needed by the nation’s poorest people. At the same time, the salaries of nonprofit housing executives continue to rise ever higher, reducing the scant funds available for housing.

How Green Was My Peninsula: Homeless People Face Mass Eviction in Albany

Despite their efforts to keep the land green, homeless people once again face eviction from the Albany Bulb. Advocates argue that Albany officials cannot evict the homeless encampment without providing alternative shelter. Yet, for the past 15 years, Albany has had no homeless shelters at all for its unsheltered citizens.

Nonviolent Movements at the Crossroads of History

“George Lakey is one of the foremost strategists for building effective nonviolent movements that I know in the world. And he walks his talk. He’s not just teaching activism — he’s doing it. He has a very skillful way of helping other people grow so they become stronger and more powerful activists.”

Discovering the Unexpected Power of Nonviolence

Erica Chenoweth found that from 1900 to 2006, nonviolent campaigns were twice as effective as violent ones in achieving their goals. And when nonviolent movements overthrow unjust regimes, they are far more likely to establish democracies and protect human rights, and less likely to lapse into civil war than violent movements.

The Patron Saint of Charity and Justice

Martin de Porres was a defender of homeless people, a healer of the sick, a protector of unwanted animals, and the patron saint of all victims of racial prejudice. Martin broke through all the stereotypes and racial prejudices of his society and offered charity wherever it was needed.

Vincent Harding and the Legacy of the Southern Freedom Movement

The Freedom Movement left an enduring legacy by overcoming a brutal and seemingly all-powerful form of segregation that Vincent Harding calls a “terroristic system” of violent subjugation. Its legacy now extends far beyond America’s shores, for it has ignited the hopes of millions of people waging struggles for freedom overseas.

Berkeley Celebrates Luxury Housing for the Elite

I would have no problem with building luxury apartments if we weren’t in a housing crisis. Build for the rich, I would say. Build crazy stuff with gold-plated toilets and let them buy it. But we are in a housing crisis. The Downtown Berkeley Association tried to outlaw sitting on the sidewalk.

A Power That Can Overthrow Dictatorships

Nonviolent movements have toppled dictators all over the globe, in Mali, Serbia, Poland, Bolivia, the Philippines, East Germany, Latin America, and Africa. During the Arab Spring, it became clear that the power of nonviolence to overthrow tyrannical governments is giving new hope — and new revolutionary strategies — to people around the world.