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Please send a tax-deductible donation or subscribe to Street Spirit. Subscriptions are $25.00 per year. Send your tax-deductible donation or subscription to:

Street Spirit, AFSC

1515 Webster St., Suite 303

Oakland, CA 94612


Phone: (510) 238-8080, ext. 303

E-mail: Spirit@afsc.org

Street Spirit is published by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to peace and justice, and committed to activism and humanitarian service. Street Spirit is a progressive voice for peace and justice at a time when the corporate-controlled mainstream press has become ever more conservative.

Our homeless vendors sell Street Spirit on the streets of Berkeley and Oakland, just like the radical pamphleteers during the original American Revolution sold Thomas Paine's Common Sense on the street corners. Please support Street Spirit and help us remain a progressive voice for economic justice!

Street Spirit pays the entire printing costs of more than $3000 each month to give more then 100 homeless vendors 20,000 issues of the newspapers to sell every month for free. Each homeless vendor receives 50 papers a day for free, then sells the newspaper for $1.00 per issue, and keeps ALL proceeds from sales. Many homeless vendors support themselves by selling the paper, and this extra income makes all the difference for their economic survival. Because our homeless vendors sell about a quarter-million issues of Street Spirit every year, this newspaper represents a great boon of nearly $250,000 annually to the homeless community.

Street Spirit is one of the very few homeless newspapers in the country that doesn't charge our homeless vendors one single cent to sell our newspaper. Therefore, we need the help of our readers and supporters to carry on with this combination of progressive journalism and humanitarian assistance to homeless people.

Please give a generous, tax-deductible donation or subscribe to Street Spirit and help us in our mission to work for justice for the poorest of the poor!


1515 Webster St,#303
Oakland, CA 94612

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