How Developers Are Milking the Housing Crisis for Profit

This is how homelessness happens. These absurdly small, dorm-style, windowless nightmares are efforts by developers to capitalize on the housing crisis. Absolutely no more square footage in the densely populated town of Berkeley should be squandered on any proposal that makes no effort to address the housing crisis.

Society Excludes and Denies Employment to Disabled Persons

Panhandling is intrinsically no less honorable than many socially acceptable professions, such as working for financial companies that offer predatory loans to desperate people. Another dishonorable, but respected job is inventing weapons in the aerospace industry that could one day facilitate the demise of life on our planet.

They Care for the Lives of the People They Serve

The staff at the church have a passion for people. They serve meals on a regular basis without pay. They wouldn’t show up unless they cared. Inside the church, people from all races come to eat. A balanced meal is served and fresh vegetables are available to take home.

I Learned I’m a Warrior and a Survivor

I’ve learned from being homeless that I’m a warrior, a survivor. When I was going through rough, raw stuff, people said things to me that felt hurtful. It matters to offer encouragement and hope, and to tell a person, “Don’t give up. Life is not over. You can make life better.”

The Streets Became My Home But I Did Not Give Up

As a gypsy traveler, I rode buses during the night. Sometimes I’d pass the wee hours of the night on a park bench. I’d wake up early morning. The park bench was my couch, the green grass and trees were my living room. I’d take in the simple pleasures of life.

The Ruthless Economic Elite at the Top of the Pyramid

People of lower socioeconomic status have become “trailer trash” or worse. Anyone who is not in the country-club set doesn’t count as a “real” person. Homeless people are perceived by mainstream society as being something less than a person, to be avoided, or to be driven out of sight.

Life Gets Better and Better Every Day

Finally, I had a key in my hand for my own apartment. Every time I turn the key to open the door I feel appreciation and accomplishment. I’m now living where God wants me to be. I feel good about myself and fit into the lifestyle of being housed and mentally stable.

Finding a Home in the World

Many homeless people are ingenious, intelligent, and resourceful. They establish comfortable ways to live outdoors by finding a quiet place, and create accommodations. They arrange their bedding and stuff to make a niche with a certain amount of comfort and safety. Having a spot gives a person a sense of “home.”

I Want Every Person to Have A Decent Life

I want everyone to have a decent life in America. People are running around hungry and homeless. People need to help one another. I got help and want others to get help too. I’m about giving. If I can advocate and play music for the benefit of other people, I will.

I Feel Connected to Their Suffering

Homeless people have the burden of carrying their belongings wherever they go; they do not want to lose their things. Carts with their life possessions can be seen throughout town. Homeless people often walk all day long to eat, be safe, and sleep. It is hard work and necessary.

I’m Concerned for the Human Family

The spirit connects us. When I hear the truth of our shared life, I know I have a chance to survive and overcome adversity. When I see people who are homeless, I see a bit of myself. People need places where everyone is equal and recognized for their creativity and ability.

My Dream Is for All Animals to Have Rights

Animals are awesome. Animal rights groups believe “that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering.” This is why we should help animals and give them a voice. I hope you agree. All we need to do is start.