The Veil

Old school musicburnt orangepeople at the table across from meordered spaghetti.The waiter jerked, stumbled,and it fell to the floor. She

We must take matters into our own hands

Oakland is a city of so many races and cultures. Different, diverse, and from so many kinds of backgrounds. But one thing that unites us is the caring and loving people we are. No matter how hard the struggle may be, we always take care of each other. We are all in the same boat—struggling to live. We take matters into our own hands to get through life.


Skating through the city alone Or a-gangPushing on my board is my own paradeTo take a rest, sparkit to ease

Democracy for some, inhumanity for many

This country preaches love and commitment to Democracy. But government officials and staff send government workers to come and demolish our houses and curbside communities. Officials cry, “Democracy!” But decisions hit us like the bombs the United States uses to destroy homes and communities in other countries.

East Bay advocates march

On a sunny Saturday in November, some 250 people gathered in Moss- wood Park to demand an end to un- just housing practices and housing for their homeless neighbors