I’ve always got a feeling of being unstable in one place, at one time, knowing that I won’t be here any longer. 

Houses from big to small. 

Houses with family and friends and acquaintances and strangers. 

I felt scared, I felt frightened by the idea that I’ll be in the streets begging for food. 

My body would be taken advantage of by the rough hands of men. 

I was almost kicked out for honoring my body’s way of telling me to change. 

I was lucky to be couch surfing and living in housing programs. 

I feel disgust towards the state for their mission of assimilation and genocide. We shall never forget. 

Being queer is no game, it is class war. My spirit is a hurricane thrashing with fury. I am water that is unstable and violent as long as genocide is a reality. 

Boudia Crow Lafleur is a diviner and artist of Michif and European ancestry who is based in the East Bay. They use they/them pronouns and don’t identify with the colonial gender binary. Their Sun is at Taurus, their Moon is at Taurus, and their Rising is at Cancer. If you’re interested in getting private divination sessions with them, message them on Instagram: @punkwitchdiviner or Facebook: Punk Witch Diviner.


Art by Simone and Talia Rotman.