Vernon Dailey says hey (Alastair Boone)

Yes I’m at it again, I have an article in this May issue, which is my birthday month. May 1. If you haven’t been seeing much of me in front of Good Earth in Fairfax, one of my favorite stores, it’s only because I am a student at Berkeley City College. I’m taking this Mental Health First Aid training, and I go on some Saturdays as well. In order to get into these classes, you have to take a computer test and get a score of at least 60 percent. I passed with a 69 percent and got into the class. I really don’t know nothing about computers, I’m not computer savvy. So we had three days deadline, so I started reading up about computers. I taught myself how to use a computer and completed the homework assignment with a 77 percent. So pray for me that I pass the next part of this class. 

Yes I do other things besides selling papers. I love selling papers because a person can get their message out there. People don’t know what’s going on with the homeless. And it’s people that care who are willing to help. 

If you know me, I will never ask anyone for a dollar, nor am I a panhandler. I’m a Street Spirit vendor, and proud of it. I will tell you that the price of a paper is $2 and the book is on a sliding scale between $5 to $20. So when you see me outside of Good Earth in Fairfax, or Berkeley bowl in Berkeley, this is what I’m doing. Selling newspapers to help the homeless. And if you don’t see me, where am I at? Yes that’s right, at Berkeley Bowl or at school. Take care, if you like to make the bigger donation to support Street Spirit you have to go online it’s all there. Take care.