I mean how can we talk about just transfers
and still b owning her while she b desecrated and yet we keep buying and selling and buying
Mama earth is who I speak of
Our great mama who like our mamas we only have one of
Her purchase
Your profit
Leads to all these violent Evictions and sweeps that got us poor peoples dying From WinnaMucca to Wood Street to around the corner from 1st nations elders to grandmamas like Iris Canadá and Elaine Turner
Buying selling renting and dwelling -if u po u lucky if u win the real esnakke monopoly end up housed instead of at the mercy of scamlords, poLice and more jailing
If u worked all yo life to own yo spot -I ain’t mad at ya -it’s all we been taught Sold and told it’s what we shud attain jus to b safe in a krapitalist pyramid game that keeps poor people in chains breaking poor peoples backs grown on poor peoples labor and intentional poverty by the ongoing lie of private property Would u sell yo own mama ?
Would u put her on the auction block
Would u evict and sweep
So u never have to see
How much she got robbed, thawed, and bought
What's the answer ?
Clarifying the problem
It's a complete stop to same ole same ole process
Stop the Wealth hoarders so they can't steal and profit
And tell the Philanthro-pimps don’t dole out yo blood-stained dollars
Cuz they stop exchanging mama earth on the market
Begins by questioning all you have bought
All you have been sold and all u have been taught
Fight for 1st Nations and Black land BACK
Fight for no more hygenic metaphors about the poor
Question the multiple lies of rent
The scamlord and the poverty pimp
The ones you pay to keep a roof
The one Who gets paid to Help you while seeing your struggle as moot
Fight for her -
Your mama -
our mama - our Mama Earth
fight for her so we all stop this hurt

Tiny is the daughter of Dee, povertyskola co-founder/visionary of POOR Magazine and Homefulness.