Not true
That I am invisible. 

That I disappear into thin air when you take
My blankets, my food
And everything I own. 

Not true
That I don’t want to come inside
If inside wanted me, I would go. 

Offer me more than what I have
Offer me dignified housing
Offer me a home without an end date
A home that does not take every dollar I have
And I would go 

Not true
That I want to live in squalor.
That I want to live without water or a bathroom
Without hot food; without safety
In fear and uncertainty 

Not true
That I steal, 
That I steal profits from businesses
and property values from owners 

Not true
That I want charity
More than the right to live free
From harassment, from judgement
From shame 

What’s true
Is that some cannot see me
As their neighbor, their friend,
Valuable, capable, worthy
Of existing by them. 

More true
Is that some … maybe you
Cannot see me at all.