I’m Acceptable as I am
Why can’t others understand?
For I was raised in a nation
A nation whom people who are different are shamed,
And it’s our fault, our differences are to blame.
A nation where babies born black are caged,
discriminated, hated, we are all outraged.
A nation with lies that the sky’s the limit,
When the truthful fact is we have limitations
And success is key yet we never get it.
A nation where women are inferior
A land run by men who are so called “superior”.
A nation where the poor are beat upon,
It’s not their fault for their current situations
Again their life was based on limitations.
A nation where mothers are worried for their sons
‘Cause the next time they may see them it’s too late,
They’ve lost them to guns. 
It takes a village to raise these children right?
But these children are born exposed to violence,
drugs, they’ll have to struggle and fight.
I am young, artistic, and being educated
But if I fall into this trap of brutishness and hate, 
My future will be obliterated.