A four-panel cartoon, titled "the tragic tale of the man who had a strong urge for french toast!!"  In the first panel,  a man holds a bottle of syrup upside down that says "whenever I want to make french toast I always forget something!! Ya'know... I'll have the eggs and milk but I'll be out of syrup!"  In the second panel, the same man opens the refrigerator and says "Or i'll have the milk and syrup but I'll be out of bread!! Or I'll have the bread and eggs but I'll be out of butter!!"  In the third panel, he is holding a man and many groceries, and says "but now I finally got everything I need and  now I'm gonna make me some french toast!!"  In the last panel, another man enters the scene. The first man is turning on the stove, and the new man is saying, "don't you remember? ...you forgot to pay the gas bill..."  At the bottom of the panel, the text reads, "this life is such hell!!"

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing onĀ his blogs.