A six panel cartoon.  First panel: A guy with a skull on his shirt says: "it's a free country!! I can do whatever I want!!"  Second panel: Another man enters the frame wearing a suit. He says, "Oh yea?!! You're two minutes late! You're fired!!"  Third panel: another man replaces the guy in the suit, wearing a fedora hat. He says "Oh yea?!! You're ten days behind on your rent! You're evicted!!"  Fourth panel: The first guy has changed from his skull shirt. He is wearing a beanie, has scruffy facial hair, and is wearing a big jacket and a backpack. A police officer enters the frame and says "Oh yea?!! You're loitering on private property! You're under arrest!!"  Fifth panel: The first guy is now in jail, in a striped jumpsuit, behind bars. A warden says "Oh yea?!! You're breathing our air! Stop breathing!!"  Sixth panel: A new man is in the frame. He's the only person pictured. He says "Actually, the last time I looked, the air we breathe is still free!! Proving yet again that this is indeed a free country! ... so long as you have the money to buy your freedom!"

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing onĀ his blogs.