Dear overweight man in a 
sweatshirt two sizes too big: 

I do not care for your ill advised attempt to 
impress me by telling tales of your needle-ridden past.
Please take your sexist ideations, your uncomforting gazes,
and your perverted comments somewhere far away 
from the space surrounding me. 

I am not here to please you, 
I am here to make 
my mark on the world 
as a strong independent woman who has changed the lives of many,
but is in the lives of few.

Your out-dated values 
designed to shackle my gender 
are not being heard 
so you yell them louder, 
“Come sit next to me baby, 
I’ll keep you safe.” 

It’s a cold cold world out there where 
anything can hurt you,
but the thing that left 
the largest scar was a woman that left you feeling vulnerable. 

You felt “less of a man” in a time where gender does not matter 
as much as the person behind it.
What gives you the right 
to make me feel like I’m less 
of a person, and more of a sack 
of meat for you to fuck 
until you’re done with me, 
then left there to rot? 

Dear overweight man in a 
sweatshirt two sizes too big: 

You are a poison to man as a whole, and I wish people knew that you’re not what a man is supposed to be.

Marisa Gonzalez is a young writer and poet in the Bay Area. She sells J/K fashion, jewelry, and accessories on Etsy and Poshmark (find her with the tag @rainbowpotatoecat), and runs a snack cart (dressed as a cat!) that will be in local farmers markets and flea markets in the Berkeley/ Oakland area this October.