A four panel cartoon from 1998. In the first panel, three men stand around a chart smoking cigars and wearing suits. One man says "homelessness will be one of the major trends of the '90s and we have some exciting projects to cash in on this hitherto untapped market!!"  In the second panel, the same man says "we're talking sleeping bags!! We're talking trench coats!! we're talking national chains of soup kitchens from coast-to-coast!!" and the other men say "I like it, J.B.!" and "hot!"  In the third panel, a speech bubble coming from somewhere outside the panel says "Plus! we have skid row poet Charles Bukowski lined up as our national spokesman!!" beneath the speech bubble, a man--presumably charles bukowski-- lays on the ground with a newspaper on his chest and a cigarette in his mouth, says "...And whenever I'm passed out on a back alley, I always keep it warm with LA Times brand newsprint!!"  In the fourth panel, the men from the first panel are speaking to each other again. The first says "Cuz you know what they say: when society starts making lemons..." and the other answers "...squeeze out every last drop of juice!" and beneath them, a banner reads, "and here you thought capitalism didn't work!!!"

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing onĀ his blogs.