Mommy’s sorry I can’t be perfect 
I’m trying.
Whenever I’m weak, I think 
Jada’Marie is worth it.

It may not seem like it
But please never get it confused 
money, niggas, or the bottle, 
never come before you.

You’re the essence of perfection 
mommy wanna be just like you 
mommy just got an addiction,
hard to stop the use.

I know I’ve let you down in the past,
but for your forgiveness I’d walk a thousand miles
and let a million moons pass.

Mommy may think I need alcohol
but mommy knows she needs you if nothing at all.

I can’t promise I’ll put the bottle down soon.
I wanna be honest 
and keep it true.
If I’ve ever caused you hurt, this is my apology to you:
Please know, mommy never meant to.

You’ll be wonderful in spite of me
I’m honored your greatness comes from a single part of me
I can’t say it enough, but this is my apology.

I can’t be the mommy you want or the mommy you need.
But when you think of perfection, I hope one day, sincerely, you think of me.

Apology to Jada’Marie.

Tiara Swearington is an unhoused writer and poet who lives in Oakland.