A cartoon. First panel shows a punk-looking character with spoked hair. Above, text reads "Hey!! It's Joe Radical...the punk rock revolutionary." Speech bubbles say "I'm bad! I'm Mean! I'm a threat to societys values, man! for real!!" In the next panel, two tourist-like characters say "Oh! Oh! look dear! it's one of those 'punksters'!!" the other says "My stars!!! Now isn't that just adorable!!" In the third panel, the tourists say: "Doesn't he have just the cutest 'widdle haircut, dear!!" the other says "those whacky kids nowadays! What'll they do next! Hyuk!" The punk character stands between them. In the last panel, the tourists take his photo while he winces. The first tourist says "Gee honey!! I think he's going to spit in my face!!" The other says "Coolest! Talk about real-live 'hardcore'!! Let me get a snap shot!"

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing onĀ his blogs.