Your history
Is not my her story

I did not tell you to Rape and pillage the land
Suffer the children I do not understand

You tell me what a
Woman is I pay you no mind

Your definitions
Do not cloud my horizons

Power and Greed
A man made plan

Taking care of all people
The real task at hand

There is no future
Without a Mother’s consent

Denigration of others
Is not Heaven Sent

Muffle the voice of reason
Works for only so long

After too long
The tables will turn

Playing with fire
You eventually get burned

Sit back and listen
And maybe you could learn

It’s not always a competition
Love must be earned

Your history
Is not my Her story

The past can not be rewritten
And neither can the truth

Consider that you may be left in the dust
Much sooner than you expect

Start clearing the way now
A wave is impossible to halt

It is time to reconcile your behavior
Because real change must involve trust.