On August 13, 2012, I was at home in my tent at the Albany Bulb, taking pictures of my clothing after I finally sorted all of it. Being a perfectionist, I took two pictures from each angle. I figured that I would review the pictures after I was done, keep the best ones from each angle and delete the other ones. 

As I was reviewing the pictures I had just taken, I was startled to see the face and torso of a girl! She appeared to be wearing a white blouse in the style of the mid to late 1800’s. Her hair was long and straight and wet. She seemed to have been looking behind me when I was taking the picture. But, I hadn’t seen anything unusual while taking them… She appeared in one picture, but not the other one from the same angle, taken the same minute. 

She looked like she was of Native American descent, which would make sense, since the Ohlone and other coastal Native American tribes inhabited the Blub around the time that her clothing appeared to be from. 

Besides the fact that she was white and transparent, her lips were the same color as the rest of her face, indicating to me that she was definitely the apparition of someone who had died. 

I have always wondered if she had been murdered—possibly drowned. The look on her face was grim. 

Still the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me. 

Amber Whitson is a mechanic who lives in her vehicle who has lived in Berkeley for the past 22 plus years.