Worth a Thousand Words

A riveting black & white photo: a homeless man & his dog asleep under freeway overpass. The dog’s head rests on the man’s hand, a guardian in

The downside of success

People measure success in many different ways. For some people it’s marriage and children. For others it is making money. For many it’s just paying the bills due each month. And then you have people, such as myself, who believe that success is in the friendships you make, and in fulfilling the basic necessities needed in order to survive.

South Berkeley’s Here There encampment celebrates two years

As the sun set on Friday, February 22, the residents of South Berkeley’s Here/There encampment had much to celebrate. They were commemorating the two-year anniversary of their encampment. On July 6, 2017, camp was founded by First They Came For The Homeless, a homeless-led political organizing group.

A Revolutionary Mind

So I’m hearing you won.  Slowly dancing to Blackstones  Beat  Thus selling our streets  to the point where  your even