I counted about 18 trees left at the top of People’s Park after the University chopped down 42 trees in their latest sneak attacks. So if my math is right that means they chopped down about 70 percent of the trees at the top of the Park. 

And keep in mind this is the third time they had snuck into the Park to destroy trees. A couple years ago they had already destroyed a whole bunch of trees. 

They’ve basically taken a lush, green, tree-laden Park and turned it into a barren plot of dirt. Which is exactly what they want to do. And we all know why they want to do it. No matter how many lies they tell the public in their press releases. 

It was a demoralizing feeling watching the University storm into People’s Park yesterday and destroy the trees. It was like watching the neighborhood bully pushing people around and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

And so galling to have to listen to the University spew their lies to the media in their press releases. How they’re supposedly so concerned about all the “unhealthy” and “diseased” trees in People’s Park. 

Hey, University: It was one of your trees on your campus that collapsed and killed somebody just last week. So why don’t you go deal with that. Instead of being so concerned with killing all the trees in People’s Park. 

Ace Backwords is a homeless writer and artist who lives in Berkeley, California. You can find more writing on his blogs.