This summer,
I learned,
That blood is only thicker than water
When it’s not mixed with malicious intentions
I learned
That two of the people I’ve known most of my life,
Whose blood runs coldly through my veins, 
Are completely strangers, 
Who I can’t trust to even complete insignificant tasks such as
Not repeating the mistakes they took on me  
On my sisters, 
Such as 
Not being vicious and trying to sabotage my freedom 
I learned that chosen family, 
If chosen correctly, 
Is infinitely more loving and caring than the people who brought me into this world could ever be. 
I learned that 
However tempting,
Is no solution to any problem, 
Temporary or permanent. 
I’ve learned my purpose on this earth; 
To ensure my sisters grow stronger than I’ll ever be, that their lives will be filled with strawberry milk and honey flavored gum rather than rum and cigarette burns. 
My ancestors are watching over me 
And they’ve let me know 
I am
My sister’s guardian.