Avoiding homelessness 
Is a job
No one should have
Because it is serious and inhumane hard work
However, I am
Facing living on the streets
And claiming a park bench
To sleep on
Or maybe
An alley or vacant doorway
To rest my weakened mind, body, and soul
I use to look at some of our
Homeless counterparts
And wonder what happened
Now I know that
All it takes these days
Is one month of missed rent
Or a missed mortgage payment
From the result of a lost job
OR an unforeseen tragedy in the family
Which all takes money to fix
I am trying to agree
With the person that said
“Money isn’t everything.”
But I am sure that
Agrees with me
That “everything” is money.
The lack of money
Means and equals
And devious acts
As desperate attempts
For survival.
Understanding people
Are few and far between
Where they are not
Willing to help, work with, sympathize
And/or give one a break
Are they working
That serious and inhumane
Of avoiding homelessness

Perry Terrell is a poet and children’s story author who lives in Oakland, CA.