The Dark Alley

The police were talking to the woman who’d helped me. In the ambulance, an E.M.T began wiping dried blood off my face. I overheard the police say, “I’m arresting you for vagrancy.” I looked out the back of the ambulance and saw that my benefactor was being handcuffed.

The Woman in the Donut Shop

Never think that you too can’t become homeless. You could have everything — a house, a car, a family, a job — and overnight lose it all, God forbid. No one should ever close their eyes and say, “It will never happen to me.” Because it could happen and then what would you do?

Elisa Cooper’s Dedicated, Elegant Activist Voice

After her death, the phone lines buzzed between bewildered activists who knew her as the person who could grasp the deepest detail and synthesize analyses into clear language. Elisa’s voice is one voice, it is safe to say, that even a council often weary of public comment will deeply miss.

The University’s Prolonged War on People’s Park

The UC chancellor has spent decades trying to build support for another assault on the park and its status as a global symbol of freedom and resistance. If the UC tries to destroy our landmark, we’ll be there in resistance to the university’s strangely repetitious war on culture.

The Stranger Finds an Army of Outdoor Sleepers

They lay huddled under tarps, beneath store awnings, curled in alcoves, wrapped in old blankets in entrance ways, or at the top of church stairs. In bus shelters, they draped themselves over the steel arms of benches explicitly designed to prevent a human body from stretching out in any comfort.

San Jose Builds Walls to Keep Homeless People Out

San Jose is working with Caltrans to build an eight-foot wall to keep them out of their homeless encampment. Are we sure we want our children to live behind walls that force homeless people to walk through life as outcasts until they are nearly dead from fatigue?

Homeless in Santa Cruz Pushed Out of Public Spaces

These new restrictions have prompted many homeless residents and supporters to consider ways to push back as they desperately try to hold onto one of the last public gathering spots available to them since they were deemed persona non grata in San Lorenzo Park and the river levee area.

Trump’s Plan to Slash Affordable Housing

Trump plans massive cuts to HUD’s low-income housing, yet proposes billions more in federal subsidies that benefit banks, realtors and homeowners. All this pain and suffering so that HUD’s budget can be reduced to $40.7 billion while homeowner subsidies are expected to rise to $162.5 billion.

My Art Makes My Life Matter

“I create art as a way to bring love and faith to people who face hardship. My art is offered to uplift people who strive to overcome oppression. My art is for people who find strength and unity in our community’s historic and endless struggle for justice.” — Leon Kennedy

The System of Repression Is a Disaster

The depth of the love and resistance and solidarity and strength that keeps people going in the face of this horror is really incredible. Even with all the horrors and the violence that the state inflicts on people, still there is something about the human spirit that doesn’t surrender.