How We Find Our Silenced Voices and Learn to Sing

This child who had been silenced went on to become a world-famous poet who won three Grammys and spoke six languages. She received dozens of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees. She had an abounding love for everyone. She was asked by the United Nations to write a poem for the world.

Tenants Seek Fair Treatment at Berkeley’s Redwood Gardens

“I’ve been saying the seniors are the next civil rights movement because we are the largest growing segment of society,” said Eleanor Walden. “So housing for seniors, especially if it’s guaranteed by the federal government, is a good ‘investment.’ It’s not done for any humanitarian reasons. It’s a monetary cash cow.”

Santa Cruz ‘Stay Away’ Law Banishes the Homeless

New stay-away law targets the poor, people of color and the unemployed. It is a not so thinly veiled effort to drive away “undesirables.” “This new law is designed to punish and exclude homeless people without the need to go to court and actually prove a crime,” said Robert Norse.

The Broader Legacy of Ted Gullicksen

Ted was as much at home in the world of bolt cutters and illegal squats as he was at City Hall. He was that rare activist who had one foot in both worlds. Ted could spend one day lobbying supervisors, and the next occupying a vacant building as part of Homes Not Jails.

The Death of S. F. Tenant Hero Ted Gullicksen

Ted Gullicksen was a true hero and will be remembered as such. Ted never sacrificed principle for money. This was the true source of his power. Since he could not be persuaded to act against tenants’ interests for money, power or access, he had an independence that increased his clout.