A Constitution-Free Zone on the U.S./Mexico Border

Many constitutional rights are ignored in a zone within 100 miles of any U.S. border. In Arizona, the ACLU documented “unprovoked assaults and verbal abuse, the unwarranted use of handcuffs and shackles, extended and recurring detention, invasive searches, property destruction and confiscation, and denial of food, water and legal representation.”

Moratorium on Sleeping Ban Gains Support from ACLU in Santa Cruz

Rough sleepers and homeless activists believe the camping ban is a bad law because it criminalizes public nighttime sleeping, a necessity to survive. Outdoor sleeping is banned everywhere in Santa Cruz. Housing NOW believes that because this law is part of a system used to criminalize homelessness, it is unconstitutional.

Creating Community on Skid Row in L.A.

“We hang out here because we’re not allowed in the upskirts of downtown. Some of us aren’t permitted because of the way we look. People have a label on us. They see me as a person who eats out of a trashcan.” — Linda Harris, a cancer survivor who lives in Skid Row

His Heart Is Always with the People on the Street

“I don’t want to be another paper shuffler sending people to go here and there. They get plenty of that already. If I’m to connect people to mental health services or housing, there needs to be some significant investment in that. That’s why I’m not going to give up the social justice thing.”

Homeless Advocates Are Targeted by Fresno Police

Pastor Chris Breedlove and other homeless advocates have been publicly smeared by the Fresno Police Department. City officials have demolished every encampment in Fresno and destroyed tons of homeless people’s belongings. The policy of the Fresno Police Department is to refuse to allow any homeless encampments to re-emerge.