Philip Rosheger: The Miracle of Music Among Us

Philip Rosheger, one of the most distinguished classical players and composers of our time, was immersed in music and composition, but loved to talk about injustice and poverty. I hope those who read this will consider being generous with the next street musician you see in his honor. He would love that.

Why I Support Immigration Reform

It’s time to bring immigrant workers out of the shadows. It’s time to treat them like human beings and offer a path to citizenship. It’s time to take care of our laborers and their families, not throw them in jail and let their kids suffer and die.

Fast Food Workers Face Silent Raids and Firings

Since the Golden Arches rose above the first Southern California drive-ins, workers have labored for the lowest legal wage a boss can pay. Jack in the Box in Oakland recently fired two immigrant women without warning. Did the corporate office decide that the time had come to give workers a good scare?

Yet Another Attack on Homeless People in San Francisco

The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club held a sleep-in at Dolores Park to protest the anti-homeless ordinance. “This is yet another attack on the homeless, on queer people, poor people and people of color, and our right to exist in public space in our society,” said Harvey Milk Club president Tom Temprano.

Immigrant Activists Fight Government’s Firings and Deportations

Tucson police, implementing the hated immigrant profiling law, stopped a car for a faulty light, and the Border Patrol detained the passengers. People surrounded the car to stop the deportation, but 40 Border Patrol agents and more police set at them with pepper spray, rubber bullets and dogs.

A Place of Freedom Where the Sea Meets the Sky

People who could not find anywhere else to live, lived in this beautiful place. They had the solace of living in nature, and loved the landfill for its wildness, for the fact that it wasn’t controlled and tamed.