The Jazzman Follows The Sky Up To The Roof

“You’re trespassing. This is private property, plus you can’t sleep outside in this city.” The bespectacled cop writes out a ticket and hands it to Hank. “We’ll escort you downstairs.” Once back down on the street, the other cop says, “You’re free to go, but next time it’ll be the county jail.”

Life-and-Death Issues in California’s Prison Hunger Strike

“As people who have suffered under such a brutal, diabolical system, we realize that it is our responsibility to help change the course of violent prison systems that have made their way to our communities... We called for an end to hostilities to eliminate giving prison guards an excuse to kill prisoners.”

California Prisoners Suspend Their Historic Hunger Strike on 60th Day

This peaceful protest was a tremendously courageous effort to overcome the injustice of solitary confinement. The hunger strike is historic on many levels: the number of prisoners who went without food; the international media attention; and the impressive mobilization of groups on the outside who organized demonstrations, and promoted the prisoners' demands.

The Long March to a New Dream of Justice

When we remember the March on Washington, the memory of those brave men and women call to us to muster the courage necessary to continue the struggle for jobs and freedom. Their memory calls us to correct the course of ruinous excesses of the U.S. government and her corporate bosses.

Volunteers Make an Urban Farm Flourish in Albany's Gill Tract

This is land that should be tilled and fertilized and made productive, not paved over. It is land that should be used to fulfill the promise made by Miguel Altieri to engage people in urban gardening. It is land that should be planted with crops to feed hungry people, not greedy corporations.