by Judy Joy Jones

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is time to create a brand new world! Where did my dream for a new world come from? The news. As I listened, the following questions started coming to me:
Why is the news of the day about our President playing golf and attending ceremonial dinners with dignitaries and about Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and all the other billionaires — with not one mention of the 16.5 million hungry children in the United States?

“A Saint.” A painting of a saint radiant with light by Judy Joy Jones

Are Apple computers, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and the other megacorporations’ yearly earnings really more important than the 1.5 million homeless children in the United States?
The United States spends enough money in two weeks on war that would feed, house and clothe every person on earth? Why?
When 10.6 million children in this country don’t have health insurance, why does the world applaud Donald Trump’s new multimillion-dollar contract with a television station?
Is winning the lottery the only hope for getting food for a baby screaming in the night from starvation?
Who will get more money by taking away Medicaid and Medicare from the poorest of the poor?
Is prayer really against the law and is God only for the stupid? If churches and God are evil, as the news says on a daily basis, if caring and loving are looked upon as weaknesses, and only the profits of the corporations are applauded, if we have no more safety nets for the neediest amongst us, who do we turn too?
I am living in a country that is no longer civilized.
The U.S. government puts mentally ill people on the streets — making them homeless, leaving them to fend for themselves — or puts them in prisons. How can this country explain why it has more people in prisons than any country on earth?
Why are nearly 200,000 juveniles incarcerated in this country and why do 30 percent of the youth in the United States never graduate from high school?
Why are children subjected to both illegal and prescribed drugs? Could it be a way for them and us to forget they are homeless and hungry?
It is time to create a brand new world! And I am going to do it. People that hug, touch, laugh, cry and reach out to help one another will be the number one news story and those that help feed hungry children will be given special medals of honor!
The switch from the idolization of “The Money Changers and Money Lenders” can and will happen!! All it takes is one person, with one idea to change the world. Wanna help me?
Instead of people standing outside an Apple store all night to get the latest product, they will be sitting by the side of a homeless baby or child dying in a hospital with no family. The world I am creating will have prayer and houses of worship that include every faith on the earth!
I recall how, in the aftermath of the devastating Japanese earthquake, we asked world spiritual leader, Dr. Masaru Emoto, to be our special guest on the Judy Joy Jones radio show I used to do. He immediately said yes and called in from his home in Japan to be live on the show.
You may know Dr. Emoto from the popular film, “What the Bleep Do We Know.” Dr. Emoto wanted to talk about a world prayer ceremony he was holding the following day for the victims of the earthquake. He offered the listeners hope, inspiration, and deep love and within two hours of the show, it had more listeners then all the other 150 shows put together.
It proved that we are hungry for love. It is a beautiful thing to care for one another, and the only reason we are alive.
Dr. Emoto offered exactly what the world was crying for at that moment — hope. A simple and very humble man who lives his life in prayer, Dr. Masaru Emoto offered a world peace prayer for the suffering. He said he will return lifetime after lifetime to keep sharing his message of love, hope and peace.
When every person on earth has a home, food, medical care and an education, then Mother Earth will breathe deeply, singing songs of gratitude which will be heard all over the world. They will be so beautiful, all earth’s skies will lighten at night from the heavenly sounds.
After all, a mother cannot rest when any of her children are suffering. And while the new world is being formed, Mother is spreading her rainbow-colored wings around all of the earth including each of us, guiding and protecting as we bravely reach for our highest star!
We will have a new world!